Monday, 23 May 2011

Good Shopping!

Dearest Readers,
The day was filled with a amount of hardship, HuMom had decided to go on a four-wheeled thingy to some other place, I think it's called "Shopping". So, of course we had to stay behind, all three of us and Sir Streetie.
HuDad also disappeared, leaving us all just alone! We then did HuMom, HuDad, and HuSis a favor. By picking all the tomatoes in the vegetable patch, we both helped get 'em picked before winter and we helped by eating some - or maybe all. And that ain't even a tiny bit of what we did, maybe also some random plating holes in the lawn area.
Here HuSis tried her best of trying to capture the moment of my guilt.
Anyway HuPeople arrived after two-hours, with some yummies! Rawhide!


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